Alper ÖZEL, Hakan ŞENOL
Conventional three-dimensional (3-D) display systems usually present sequential two-dimensional (2-D) scenes that are rendered by the information of time and the position of the user. The main idea of this type of technologies is to utilize the psychology depth cue and rendering sequential images for both perspectives of human eyes. However, these types of 3-D displays are not volumetric, and they operate under very fragile conditions, such as, the 3-D image that is constructed in the display can only be seen from limited standpoints. Viewers of rotating screen volumetric-swept display applications do not require special glasses or eyewear to see the items on the screen. Even, viewers can walk around the 3D image and look at it from all angles with realistic depth like real physical object Volumetric display is one of the major methods to realize three-dimensional (3-D) display allowing the content to be viewed from every angle around the center of the display device. There already are many volumetric display technologies that are on the market nowadays, however, they are mostly monochrome, and they operate utilizing specially designed high technology components. In this paper, a rotating screen volumetric-swept colored display system consists of commercially available display technologies, motors and a gear system is presented.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Volumetric 3-D Display, Volumetric-Swept, Computer Visualization, Rotating Screen, 3-D Technology