The traditional recruiting process has been insufficient with task delays and miscommunications, resulting in a protracted hiring process and high hiring costs ıf there are a lot of applicants. The use of internet has changed many HR processes including recruiting. While e-recruiting goes through the same phases as the traditional process, the benefits of e-recruiting are accomplished with the extensive use of a central database and of applications. With tools like applicant tracking systems, e-recruiting can more effectively attract, engage, manage, interview, and hire new employees. Whenever we apply online for any companies, resumes aren’t typically sent to the recruiter directly. It first comes to the applicant tracking software(ATS). These systems maintain all the resumes of the company position wise in one place and is helpful for the HR managers to manage and organize all the hiring process. . In many cases they filter applications automatically based on given criteria such as keywords, skills, former employers, years of experience and schools attended. The aim of this study is to analyze different Applicant Tracking Softwares and determine the most suitable software alternative. There are many criteria that affects alternatives. The criteria stated in the literature are User Friendliness, Candidate Screening Tools, Integration with Other Platforms, Time to Hire, Security, Reliability, Annual Cost, Cost of Implementation, Customization Quality. In this study we analyze both important software in the market and selection criteria. The important criteria both from literature and according to the experts’ point of view are explained.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Human Resources, Applicant Tracking System, E-recruiting