İlkay Özsev YÜKSEK, Ecem GÜRSOY, Tuğçe TUYGUN, Berna ŞAHİN, Ensar ACAR, Belgin GÖRGÜN, Şükriye YÜKSEL FİLİZ, Pelin ALTAY, Nevin Çiğdem GÜRSOY
Disabled people are an important part of Turkey’s population. In this study, to fulfill needs of disabled people, meetings were conducted with disabled people and families of disabled people and their caretakers and it was determined that home textile products were not sufficient for each individual in terms of ease of use. In line with the deficiencies and surveys observed during the study, the aim of this study is to design home textile products that can be used more comfortably and comfortably than existing ones, and to develop ready-to-use home textile products. The concept of universality was adopted to the designs by considering the needs of people with disabilities. In this study, the home textile products consist of 3 main groups: Towel/bathrobe, under sheet/quilt cover, linens set. During the production, 2/2 Twill weave was used in the towel group, and 1/1 plain weave structure was used in the Linens set and Under sheet/Quilt cover. 100% cotton yarn was used in the weft and warp directions during the weaving of these fabrics. Fabrics are produced with attention to the characteristics of human comfort, sleep quality and ease of use in daily life. In addition to these, the designs of bed linen, towel, and bed under sheet product groups that are used in daily life were developed and produced.

Anahtar Kelimeler: universal design, home textile products, towel designs, linen designs, fastness properties