Houman VAHEDİ, Hüseyin YİĞİTER
In terms of concrete or pre-stressed concrete structures, steels are fixed into the concrete matrix alongside the service life of the structure. In fact, the true designed, impermeable, high-quality concrete with sufficient thickness, makes steel reinforcement, which is covered by a special mineral coating chemically and physically protected from corrosion. Today, one of the most detrimental factors in assigning service life of concrete structures is Corrosion. Corrosion of steel reinforcement causes a cross-sectional degradation in rebar structure and results in the reduction of ductility of the structural element. In this study, an alternative method to protect reinforcement bars from corrosion hazards in terms of inhibitors and rebar coating usage will be discussed. Mineral coating and chemical coating experiments on iron were performed. Three types of mineral coating were applied by shot-crete method on iron, these materials are, ground granulated blast furnace GGBS (25 percent and 50 percent), silica fume S.F and inhibitors. The aim of this study is to reduce the duration of concrete corrosion in structures built on the coasts of the sea and to extend the life of the concrete in terms of corrosion. The result is a reduction in the corrosion rate, depending on the percentage of mineral coatings. The use of inhibitors, in the concrete or mortar disrupted the concrete and mortar structure. However, the cure with additive sprayed on the iron showed resulted in a delay in corrosion onset. considering the aim of this study, by using this method for rough works to be performed in critical areas in the construction site environment, it increases the life of the concrete by increasing the life of the concrete.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Coating, Electrochemical Experimentation, Rebar Corrosion