Mehmet ÖZKAN
Passenger vehicles are being used pretty much for transportation. It can even be said to be the most common mode of transportation. Vehicle users’ expectations from their cars are not less. Especially comfort and occupant safety are the most important expectations of vehicle users. They want to feel safe while travelling with their vehicles. Due to this kind of feelings safety equipments of their vehicles are being much significant. Especiallay in case of an accident airbag restraint system is the first equipment inspired in mind for occupant safety. Therefore development of airbag restraint systems is going on continiously. Also automobile manufacturers support occupant safety so new airbag module are started to seen on today’s vehicles. Far side airbag is a new airbag module on vehicle seat. This new component is being used for first row passengers to support their safety. Far side airbag is inflated between driver and passenger in order to protects first row passengers from injuries. Especially side impact crashs cause occupants to injure each other. In this study, far side airbag execution will be exeminated and it will be revealed which types of seats have the new module. Also the usage purpose of far side airbag will be exeminated. How support occupant safety and how change passenger behavious in case of accident. Side impact crash test result will be compared between which have far side airbag and non equipped with far side airbag. And also vehicle brands and modals will be listed which have this new airbag module.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Far Side Airbag, Side Airbag, Occupant Safety, Vehicle Seat