Distinguished Scientists,

We feel the pleasure of being with you distinguished scientists who contribute to the scientific field and literature in the 4th International Congress on Engineering, Architecture and Design to be held. All disciplines related to engineering and the topics concerning architecture and design will be addressed in the congress. We would like to extend the deepest gratitude to those who haven’t left us alone in the previous gathering and appreciated our efforts.

Our congress supported by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Labor and Social Services and Ministry of Family will be held in stanbul Zeytinburnu Hilton Hotel with the participation of national and international universities.

Our congress hosts the scientific studies from the disciplines of engineering, architecture and design. We will also address the scientific papers prepared in the field of occupational health and safety. Moreover, the common multidisciplinary studies prepared in the field of engineering and economy management will be accepted within our congress.

Believing that the science is universal, we aim to present the relation of different science fields with each other and the communication of the participations with other disciplines by including the papers from such areas as design in accordance with today’s and future technologies, production, economic dimension, marketing, management and application.

We hope that every participant and the esteemed members of science and business world will have pleasant moments in the congress, get the utmost benefit and contribute to the relevant fields. Thank you for all your support, participation and suggestions in advance and hoping to see you in the congress.



Prof. Dr. Ayegül AKDOAN EKER

Head of the Congress