Muazzez Özlem GÜLSEROĞLU, Mehmet İshak YÜCE
It is a known fact that seepage is difficult to avoid in embankment dams and the effect of the seepage on embankment dams could be crucial. It has been proven by various studies that the three main failure reasons of embankment dams, which comprise 65% of all existing dams worldwide, are hydraulic failure, structural failure and seepage failure. Structural systems have been developed to protect the integrity of the embankment of the dam and foundation from the weakness of dam safety which could arise due to seepage. One of these systems is filter systems. The most known filter systems are the blanket, toe and chimney filters. This study aims to numerically investigate the effects of reservoir water head, permeability of filter material, length of the blanket and thickness of the blanket on the maximum seepage and water head at 5 sections of 81 different dam types. For the first section of the dams, it is determined that the effect of the change in all parameters on maximum seepage resulted in no or a slight change in seepage amount. Again, it is seen that for the first section of the dam, parameters except the change in reservoir water head do not affect the water head at this section. For the second section of the dam change in the maximum seepage is imperceptible for the change in parameters apart from change in the reservoir water head. The water head at the other sections show an alteration depending on the changes in various parameters. A general seepage behavior depending on different parameters could not be obtained for the third, fourth and fifth sections. The water head in these sections varied depending on the changing parameters. The findings have shown that it be not appropriate to make assumptions based on the general behavior patterns of the seepage in the dam body. Dam-specific analyzes should be carried out in order to obtain optimum results in the seepage design in dams. ORCID NO: 0009-0005-6227-7587

Anahtar Kelimeler: Embankment Dams, Seepage, Blanket Filter