Bahadır Mert ÇINAR
Until the present century, architecture has undergone various changes and has been influenced by different architectural disciplines. This accumulation of knowledge has contributed to the formation of the concept of architectural history and has become an integral part of all architectural undergraduate education. Why is architectural history education needed? What are the gains of a student who is an architect candidate from the history of architecture? The concept of architectural history can be seen as the architectural accumulation of the world; It has witnessed many movements such as Baroque, Rococo, Romanesque, and the accumulation of the historical scene from these different points has always lead the future trends and understandings. Architectural Style is one of the main skills that an Architecture student can gain from the History of Architecture education. An architect candidate who research to the past and well analyzes the change and development of architecture in history gets benefit of this knowledge to play a leading role in his work on his own designs. It reflects light to the students' search for a style that tries to follow and develop the past and to interpret or contradict it according to the era and to create their own architectural style. If we make an inference, history of architecture education; It is an inseparable part of the "Bachelor of Architecture Education" which gives the student the ability to think comprehensively, provides guidance on design, and grasps the relationship between society and architecture and strengthens this huge architectural archive.

Anahtar Kelimeler: History of Architecture , Architecture Student, Perspective