Fares Juma Abdallah ALTAHLEH, Ufuk Fatih KÜÇÜKALİ
The recent years Turkey has received millions of refugees from different countries, and now with the immigrant delegations to the overcrowded major cities and trying to settle in these cities, each one of the immigrants creates their own environment, which may lead to the creation of barriers between them and the community they live among them, especially when the differences between languages and cultures becomes a major obstacle to merge with the new ecosystem. The Harra initiative concepts can be applied to the Syrian immigrants’ neighborhoods in the overcrowded areas such as Fatih, Esenyurt and Zeytinburnu, to overcome any emergence of misunderstanding behaviors, which increase racism against the "strangers" or the immigrants that may significantly arises due to the different social and cultural backgrounds of the immigrants. In Harra's initiative in Jordan, which is based on consolidating the individual, environment and building in a strong relationship with the community composing a natural mutual beneficial ecosystem to promote loyalty to the place in the means of citizenship, this initiative can be applied to immigrants in Turkey to help mingling them with the community. This paper examines the possibilities of transferring the ‘know-how’ in Harra Initiative implementation in Jordan to here in Istanbul, Turkey, after analyzing the results of the initiative in Amman, Jordan on one of the marginalized neighborhoods. The possibility of applying it to one of Istanbul's neighborhoods that has a lot of immigrants from Syria to help them mingle with their new ecosystem.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Syrian Immigrants, The Harra Initiative, Marginalized Neighborhoods