Serap ÖZHAN DOĞAN, Burak Galip ANIK, Görkem KANPARA, Mahmut ŞEN
The launching of marine structures after land manufacturing has always been an extremely important issue for the shipbuilding industry. In the sector; Many methods have been used in launching operations from past to present. Along with the rapid developments in technology, there is a search for new methods in the shipbuilding sector besides the classical launching methods. In this study; One of the Tersan Shipyard R&D Center projects; After manufacturing the NB 1093 and NB 1094 passenger ships with a capacity of 640 people, 124 meters in length, 22 meters in width, 6200 tons of LNG and Hybrid propulsion in the horizontal plane, their transportation to the floating dock by land transfer and the whole of the launching operations from the floating dock were examined. In this context; The technical characteristics, numbers, placements, operation stages, connection of the pool, the work done on the ship and the application methods of all these requirements are included. Also; pool connection details, work to be done before landing and operation steps during landing were examined in detail. As a result of this study; In the launching of very large tonnage structures using the land transfer method to sea; It has been determined to be an alternative, applicable and extensible method. In addition, it has been found to be more convenient in terms of time and cost.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Shipbuilding Industry, Shipyard, Launching, Land-to-Sea Transfer, Floating Dock