Urban design applications for improving the quality of life have increasing importance in our day as a result of the increasing pressure due to increasing urbanization. City and river interaction is re-attained in many river cities in the world and in Turkey by way of revitalization studies resulting in urban centers of attraction. The Kanlıırmak Street located at the Bartın city center which is selected as the study area is one of the most preferred urban avenues selected for both pedestrian use and vehicle use. Kanlılırmak Street, as one of the most important transportation arteries in continuous interaction with the traditional settlement texture and the Bartın Creek, holds special importance with regard to the landscape design functionality, security, perceptibility, visual quality, and user comfort. A design suggestion has been developed for the Ulus Stop located on Kanlıırmak Street as one of the important symbols of the city for contributing to the amount of urban open and green areas in the city. Places, where people may spend their free time and carry out various recreational activities, have been developed with this project. Spatial designs have been made within the scope of urban design suggestions which will enable various recreational activities especially alongside the river with regard to pedestrian use and accessibility. As a result, the importance has been emphasized for improving by way of the urban design project study the functional, aesthetic, ecological and economic aspects of the current streetscape for the river corridor that is of special importance with regard to the urban quality of life.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Urban River, Streetscape, Urban Design, Revitalization, Bartın